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Company Message
It's a great pleasure to introduce I M WAY INFOTEC PVT. LTD. as India's first Referral Marketing Company which deals in branded company products at very affordable price and an impressive income at every level for the distributors. The blend of strong value for money concept and uninterrupted help, support and services for the people makes this company unique. Along with the sense of learning, improving, developing, and continuously adapting to the changes of time and trend is the SUCCESS MANTRA for this company.
Our Dream Run
Being a part of I M Way you can be assured to be part of safe, secured and rich system. I M Way provides you a platform to make most your dreams come true. I M Way's carefully constructed marketing plan allows you to be wealthier and healthier in comparatively less amount of time along with having a complete flexibility of time for your work. By being a part of it and surfacing this unique opportunity to others you can make yours and others life worth CELEBRATION !!!
To create wealth that provides personal, professional, social, financial and spiritual growth to everyone.
To make people self-reliant and financially independent through introduction of true value for money.
To become India's Prevy League and most valued Referral Marketing Company ever.
To introduce the true and pure form of people’s business by offering value for money concept and make people achieve their goals.
Our Values
Integrity "We adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct".
Respect "We value diversity, talents, ideas and treating everyone with dignity and fairness".
Customer Drive "We achieve success by balancing the need of our distributors".
Excellence "We always strive hard to put forth our excellent foot ahead to get us the recognition".
Accountability "We accept and execute our complete responsibility towards our distributors, community and organization".
Caring "We care for our distributor’s as well as organization’s overall growth".
Flexibility "Change is the only constant in life. Therefore we embrace and adapt it".
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